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How to choose the right attorney when you’re divorcing a disordered spouse

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About this course

All divorces are bad, but when you’re divorcing a sociopath, it could be really, really bad. Spouses with personality disorders create “high-conflict” divorces. They are entitled, manipulative and vindictive. They do not believe the rules — including court orders — apply to them. To get through your divorce as best you can, you need an attorney who is up to the challenge.

Not all of them are. If you choose the wrong attorney, it could seriously damage your case. You may have to fire him or her and start again — which will keep you in court longer and cost you a lot of money.

Pick the best attorney the first time. In this webinar, Susan Shofer, the Divorce Consultant, teaches you how to do it. She explains the six common issues that arise in high-conflict divorces, which your attorney must be able to handle. She teaches you the 10 questions to ask prospective attorneys — and the answers they must give you. If you don’t hear those answers, you should move on and interview someone else.

Divorcing a sociopath is not easy — but with the right attorney, it can be manageable. Susan teaches you how to choose the attorney who can truly help you.


  • Why your divorce is only as good as your attorney
  • How switching attorneys hurts your case
  • 6 issues that could derail a high-conflict divorce
  • 10 questions to ask attorneys — and the answers you must receive
  • What you need to know about paying for your divorce

About the instructor

Susan ShoferSusan Shofer, MBA, the “Divorce Consultant,” is author of the Divorce Recovery Ladder, a comprehensive, interactive workbook with checklists and charts to help you maintain emotional, physical and financial balance as you separate from your partner.  Her Divorce Recovery Podcast Program is a nine-part interactive series of worksheets with podcast instructions to help you unclutter your divorce and organize your life.

Susan created her programs after successfully navigating her own toxic divorce. Previously, Susan was a licensed private investigator for 24 years and the owner of a detective agency. In 2013, she turned her focus toward helping people with the challenges of contentious divorces.

Susan has a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland. She began her career working for a nationally known investment firm.  Susan has two children and was president of Parent Network of Greater Baltimore, where she coordinated parent education lectures and workshops for the Baltimore private school community.

Cost and credits

The cost for this course is only $25.00 for 60 minutes of instruction. Once you purchase the course, you can access it online as long and as often as you want.

Although this course does not award continuing education credits, you will be able to download a certificate of achievement upon completion.

Learning objectives

After this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of finding the right attorney for your case
  • Interview prospective attorneys with confidence
  • Ask how prospective attorneys will resolve common problems of high-conflict divorces
  • Analyze the pros and cons of available attorneys
  • Discuss retainers and fees with attorneys, and find out what your ex should pay

Customer reviews

★ ★ ★★ ★ Only wish I’d discovered this four years and six attorneys ago! However the ten are helpful in my current post judgement proceedings
By lita33
Very helpful in maintaining core boundaries even if you are well under way with a sub par attorney.
Susan validates the difficulties of the experience all the same.

Program Agenda:

55 minutes instruction

  • Why you need to find the right attorney
  • Amicable divorces may turn contentious
  • Problems with switching attorneys
  • Issues your attorney must be able to handle
  • Your attorney works for you
  • 10 questions to ask attorneys
    • Typical vs. contentious divorces
    • Winning contentious cases
    • Divorce timeline
    • Understanding parental alienation
    • Retainers and fees
    • Communicating with your attorney
    • Worst-case scenarios
    • Court appearances
    • Court-appointed judges
    • Historical analysis
  • How to compare attorneys

5 minutes questions and answers

Sociopaths create “high-conflict” divorces, and your attorney must be up to the challenge. Learn the contentious issues that commonly arise, and find out if your attorney can handle them by asking these 10 critical questions.

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