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30-Day Self-Love and Healing Journey of Breathing, Meditation and Yoga

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If you’ve been exploited by a disordered, toxic person, you may feel like you’re full of pain, or full of knots. It may be difficult to breathe. You may have trouble focusing on anything, because you just want the tension to go away.

How do you recover from the trauma?

Ruzanna Dinger was in a traumatic situation that caused her to experience worrisome physical symptoms — blackouts, heart palpitations, panic attacks. To get through it, she used calming mind/body techniques and exercises. Ruzanna is now sharing her healing journey with Lovefraud readers.

This 30-day Self-Love and Healing video series uses simple breathing, meditation and yoga techniques and movements that anyone can do. Although Ruzanna is not a certified yoga teacher, she has been practicing for 10 years, and she invites you to take the healing journey yourself. “Don’t just watch,” she says. “You have to follow the moves, no matter how simple they look, to get any benefit.”

The video series is Ruzanna’s gift to everyone struggling to overcome a toxic involvement.


  • How to notice your feelings and make them serve you (Day 4)
  • Forgiveness is not for the person you forgive, but it’s a gift you give to yourself (Day 7)
  • Being present in the now, because the now is all that really matters (Day 9)
  • Shifting from blaming to taking responsibility for your recovery (Day 20)
  • Thinking of failure as an opportunity to learn (Day 29)

About the instructor

Ruzanna Dinger is originally from Armenia, where she studied psychology and sociology at Yerevan State University, the largest and most prestigious university in the country. She then spent eight years in London, where she earned a degree in public relations from London Metropolitan University and worked at the Department of Surgery at Imperial College London. She believed that love was blind, but marriage turned out to be a real eye-opener. Ruzanna says she had to quickly learn to back up her mind on a hard drive, so not to lose it, and control constantly dropping pH levels in her life, with no degrees in IT or chemistry. She turned to her 10 years of meditation and yoga practice to get her through the trauma. Ruzanna is passionate about sharing her healing strategies with the Lovefraud community, to make a difference.


This course is FREE!

There is no cost for this course. Once you sign up, you can access it online as long and as often as you want.

Although this course does not award continuing education credits, you will be able to download a certificate of achievement upon completion.

Program Agenda:

This is a series of 30 videos incorporating easy breathing, meditation and yoga techniques. The series is designed to help you overcome the negative experience of being involved with a sociopath or some other trauma and find peace within yourself. Each video has a different theme:

Day 1 – Awakening — take back your power

Day 2 – Breagrieve — breathing through grief

Day 3 – Think — fill your brain with thoughts that will serve you

Day 4 – Feel — truly feel what is going on inside you

Day 5 – Bathermostat — our natural thermostat warning us of danger

Day 6 – Reflect — remembering who we are and our purpose in life

Day 7 – Forgive — forgiveness is about you and not the other person

Day 8 – Accept — accepting the way we think and feel, accepting ourselves

Day 9 – Hold On — the importance of being present in the now

Day 10 – Wake Up — optimal rest so that you can show up for life

Day 11 – BGrateful — when you feel grateful, your internal state changes

Day 12 – BPositive —the secret to unlocking the positivity within you

Day 13 – Get Out — get out of your comfort zone and participate in life

Day 14 – Work Out — a 7-minute daily energizing routine

Day 15 – Dream —fill up your heart and mind with ideas and inspiration

Day 16 – Visualise — create mental images of the life you truly desire

Day 17 – Understand — look inward, and get to know yourself

Day 18 – Act — take steps to make your dreams come true

Day 19 – Give — use your pain as a meaningful contribution to others

Day 20 – Shift —from blaming to taking responsibility for your recovery

Day 21 – Tune In — choose the right frequency for self-love and healing

Day 22 – Embrace — stay in the present and embrace the moment

Day 23 – Believe — recover from a trauma by believing in yourself

Day 24 – Nourish — choose the right sustenance for your body and mind

Day 25 – Detox — clear your mind with the help of your body

Day 26 – Create — use your intuitive mind to create the life you want

Day 27 – Time — how to seize the opportunity of time

Day 28 – VAKS — visual, auditory, kinesthetic or sensory learning

Day 29 – Fail — using failure as an opportunity to learn

Day 30 – Celebrate — reward yourself for your progress and love

After the trauma, you may feel powerless, but you are not. Make the decision to recover. Day by day, this gentle practice helps you find your center, heal from the betrayal and take back your life. The course is free but you do have to register as a Lovefraud reader. Click the “Register” link in the red footer at the bottom of the page.

Course Materials

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